January 11, 2023

Want To Keep Your House Warmer In Winter?

Want To Keep Your House Warmer In Winter?

A warm house in winter is crucial in Central Otago. As your local glass specialist we wanted to answer some of the FAQ's. These are some of your common questions about Retrofit Double Glazing answered.

Can Double Glazing Save You Money?

Yes. Double glazing helps to keep the heat in your home. This means less need for expensive heating solutions. You’ll also save on energy consumption heating your home, which will save you cash on power bills.

Will Double Glazing Make Your House More Comfortable?

It will not only save you money on bills but also raise your comfort factor.Houses with single glazing can lose significant heat through the windows. The glass you choose will make a difference to the comfort of your home and the size of your energy bills

OnPoint can install double glazing solutions that greatly increase your heat retention.

Can Retrofit Double Glazing Help Keep Your House Cool As Well As Warm?

Low E (low emissivity) glass, is pretty much invisible. Thanks to it's high-tech coating it lets light into your home,while reflecting heat. It not only keeps your home in winter, but also coolerin summer.  

Improving your window insulation reduces heat loss and solar gain. This reduces your heating needs in winter and cooling requirements in summer.

Double Glazing keeps your home temperature constant, so your comfort level will be better than ever.

The protective, high-tech coating on the glass we use forms a barrier. This reflects the heat back from the glass to reduce heat loss, while at the same time reducing solar gain.

During winter the glass reflects heat back into the room, so heat isn't lost through the windows. In the summer, the sun heat is reflected back.

Double Glazing For A Healthier Home

You will be less likely to see condensation on your windows with double glazing. It helps to increase the internal glass surface temperature. This reduces the likelihood of condensation on the inner glass surface.,

Keeping your home drier means a more healthy living environment.

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