January 12, 2023

Does Double Glazing Reduce The Heat & Furniture Fading?

Does Double Glazing Reduce The Heat & Furniture Fading?

The Short Answer Is Yes

Retrofit Double Glazing can help with:

"Solar Control"

This helps to reduce fading of your furniture and also helps to keep your home cooler in the summer months.

We all love large expanses of glass and having as much light filling our living spaces as possible. It creates the feeling of a bright and healthy home. Light has been shown to reduce bacteria build up by half - who knew? However, in older homes with single glazing, this delightful natural light can be accompanied by less desirable amount of heat transfer and UV rays.

Protecting Your Carpets, Furniture & Artwork

It goes without saying that lots of solar glare through single glazing can lead to some serious fading on all your soft furnishings. You will likely even notice your carpet has changed colour considerably when you move your furniture if it is in a sunny spot.

How Does Double Glazing Reduce Solar Glare?

Glass naturally blocks UVB rays. With the addition of a special laminate it can also block the majority of the UVA rays. The type of Low E double glazing chosen for your retrofit also determines whether infrared light (radiant heat), and visible light (glare) can be reduced.

Solar control Low E double glazing avoids darkening your home like many tints.

It reduces the heat and the glare, while allowing a really good level of Visible Light Transfer (VLT) into your home.

RetroFit Double Glazing In Central Otago

It is really important to consider where you live when you are choosing what level of double glazing to opt for.

Solar control is particularly important in areas of the South Island in New Zealand, where we have high UV levels, driven by clean air, the ozone hole, and Earth’s orbit, which brings us closer to the sun in summer than the northern hemisphere.

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